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Pharmacists Political Action Committee of Arizona (PharmPAC)
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Pharmacists Political Action Committee of Arizona (PharmPAC)



About PharmPAC


How / Why Join PharmPAC


2016 Legislative Agenda

2015 Legislative Summary

Supporting Legislative Candidates

Past Successes

The Importance of Political Activism

About the PharmPAC

To make sure the pharmacy profession’s voice is heard in debates concerning healthcare, AzPA established a political action committee (PAC), called PharmPAC. PharmPAC is a non-partisan voluntary committee that allows AzPA members to pool their financial resources to advance the pharmacy industry by supporting pieces of legislation and state candidates who appreciate the value of our profession. Pharmacists Political Action Committee of Arizona is an authorized Arizona Political Action Committee under Arizona Statutes Titles 16 & 19.


Join PharmPAC

Participation in the PharmPAC is completely voluntary. But with your support we can work effectively together for the good of our profession. YOU can help us gain support for key pieces of legislation to advance pharmacy patient-centered care. Lawmakers can only represent your interests if you let them know what is important to you.  You can join the PAC with the membership levels of contribution listed below, or make a one-time contribution of any size. All licensed pharmacists in Arizona are considered members of AzPA and therefore are able to join PharmPAC. Make sure your voice is heard in the political process.

Membership Levels*

  • Chairman’s Club ($500 minimum annual)
  • Gold Member Level ($250 minimum annual)
  • Silver Member Level ($150 minimum annual)
  • Bronze Member Level ($100 minimum annual)
  • PharmPAC member ($10 minimum annual)

All PharmPAC members will receive a quarterly newsletter, an annual report on contributions, and invitations to legislative events.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level members receive all PharmPAC member benefits and recognition in all PharmPAC publications.

Chairman’s Club members (annual giving level of $500 or more) receive all above benefits plus invitation to an exclusive Chairman’s Club political event.



Click the button below to join or make a one-time contribution


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2016 Legislative Agenda: 

Please note: the 2016 legislative session is currently in progress. This means there will be constant updates to bill verbiage and process. We will keep this page as up to date as possible. For specific inquiries please contact the AzPA Office at 480-838-3385 or admin@azpharmacy.or



Licensed pharmacists are authorized to administer influenza vaccines to a person who is at least three years of age, booster doses for the primary adolescent series as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and to administer immunizations or vaccines recommended by the CDC to a person who is at least 13 years of age. Previously, a licensed pharmacist could administer only influenza vaccines or immunizations or vaccines in response to a public health emergency to a person who is at least six years of age. A pharmacist who administers an immunization or vaccine is required to report the administration to the person's identified primary care provider or physician within 48 hours, and failure to report is unprofessional conduct. Establishes a list of methods a pharmacist must use to make a reasonable effort to identify the person's primary care provider or physician. (First Sponsor: Sen. Barto)


 AzPA is supporting a legislative initiative to expand Arizona pharmacists' immunization abilities. We need your support.  All licensed pharmacists in Arizona and all AzPA members can support this initiative with a contribution of any size.







The Board of Pharmacy is authorized to license as a pharmacist, without a pharmacist licensure examination, a person who is licensed as a pharmacist by a pharmacist licensure examination in another jurisdiction if the person holds the license in good standing for any period of time, instead of for at least one year. (First sponsor: Rep. Boyer)


HB2692: Insurance; pharmacy benefits; audit procedures (Passed in 34+ states as of 2/12/16): 

There is currently no statutory oversight or procedural requirements in place for pharmacy prescription claims audits in Arizona.  While audits are necessary to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, they should be performed in a fair manner and not be designed to simply take back money. In addition, there should be a written appeals process that allows me to dispute disagreements with audit findings. This bill does not prohibit audits or prevent the recoupment of money or enactment of other penalties where fraud, waste, and abuse have occurred. (Sponsored by Representative Livingston)


Contributions to PharmPAC are pulled together to support yearly legislative priorities. Learn more about PharmPAC above. 

2015 Legislative Summary:  

Medication synchronization --- PASSED 2015


It refers to the process of a pharmacy coordinating all of a patient’s chronic prescription medications to be filled on the same date each month. This model provides a more coordinated level of care which results in healthier, more adherent patients. The more effective delivery of care can reduce overall costs to payers and the health care system. State-level legislation would help remove existing operational and payment barriers presented by other payers and facilitate an even greater uptake of medication synchronization programs and other methods that promote adherence and appropriate medication use.



AzPA also supported: 

HB2495/SB1194 Loan Repayment - PASSED

AzPA participated in stakeholder meetings in the fall of 2014 on the bill and supported HB2495/SB1194 throughout the legislative process. The bills expand the types of medical professions (to include pharmacists) that can participate in the Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program and the Rural Private Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program.

SB1370 Controlled Substances - PASSED

AzPA attended stakeholder meetings early in the legislative session to work on several different bills meant to expand the use of the PMDB. The goal was to ensure that all prescribers have their info sent to the Board of Pharmacy when their licenses are renewed so they are added to the list of providers that may access the PMDB. They would also repeal the requirement that the authorization be re-secured every 2 years.


 HB2322 Misbranded Drugs - PASSED

As introduced, HB2322 (misbranded drugs) included several AzPA requested amendments, with the exception of language to clarify that a drug or device is not considered misbranded if it was mislabeled or incorrectly filed due to a filing error.


Supporting the Best Legislative Candidates for PharmPAC


One of PharmPAC's goals is also to help elect candidates who, as lawmakers, will best represent the values of AzPA and the thousands of patients we serve. Among the criteria considered by the PharmPAC in making donations:

  • The candidate’s support of positions that encourage pharmacist’s role in health care delivery
  • The candidate’s leadership position or membership on key legislative committees
  • The candidate’s potential for leadership
  • The candidate’s financial need and likelihood of being elected
  • The presence of AzPA members in the candidate’s district or state 



  • Contributions to key state legislators - monitoring legislation that impacts your profession 
  • Support of Pharmacy Day at the Capitol - elevates legislature awareness of pharmacy patient care services
  • Sponsoring students to attend National PAC breakfast to enhance student political awareness
  • Dialogue with Arizona Congress ensuring our voice is heard in healthcare reform 
  • Attending key political party fundraising events to give AzPA recognition 

The Importance of Political Activism

The personal and professional relationships that pharmacists, technicians and students develop with their legislators provide an important foundation for pharmacy’s advocacy efforts. Legislators’ expertise in regard to pharmacy issues relies on two things: 
1) listening to their constituents, neighbors, friends and health care providers; and 
2) their experiences with their pharmacist and the health care system. 

Through these two mechanisms, it is important for pharmacists to make sure that key legislators understand the important role that today’s pharmacists play in enhancing the health care of Arizonans. 

Arizona Pharmacy's commitment to legislative involvement is critical to the future of our profession. Pharmacists working with their legislators and helping to keep them aware of our key issues remains an important cornerstone. As we work to educate our representatives and senators, we can build their understanding of our concerns regarding patient care and the role of the pharmacist.


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